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Seton Harvest Shareholder Bouquet Subscription

2021 Flower Subscriptions will start the first of July

We're teaming up with Seton Harvest again this year to offer their shareholders and non-shareholders, the opportunity to add a farm fresh flower bouquet subscription to their CSA.  When you purchase a bouquet subscription from us, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Seton Harvest so they can continue to provide fresh produce to the community!

Also please consider purchasing a vegetable share through Seton Harvest, you won't be disappointed!

Below you will find several subscription options.


2021 Seton Harvest Flower Subscription
Price List

Our Offers

Below you will find the flower subscription options we are providing for purchase.  Click on the "Buy Now" button below the option you'd like to purchase, and you'll be prompted to send us an email.  We can either email an *invoice to you, or we accept payment through Venmo.

*If you choose the invoice option, please know there will be a small transaction fee.

We're excited to share our farm fresh handtied flower bouquets with you!  These locally grown flower bouquets are an easy way to beautify your home!

$72 plus tax

8 Bi-Weekly Subscription

This subscription option is a fresh flower bouquet bi-weekly for 8 weeks
($18 per bi-week)

$128 plus tax

8 Week Subscription

This subscription option is a fresh flower bouquet every week for 8 weeks
($16 per week)